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How to update Castopod?

After installing Castopod, you may want to update your instance to the latest version in order to enjoy the latest features ✨, bug fixes 🐛 and performance improvements ⚡.

Update instructions

  1. ⚠️ Before any update, we highly recommend you backup your Castopod files and database.

  2. Go to the releases page and see if your instance is up to date with the latest Castopod version

  3. Download the latest release package named Castopod Package, you may choose between the zip or tar.gz archives

    • ⚠️ Make sure you download the Castopod Package and NOT the Source Code
    • Note that you can also download the latest package from
  4. On your server:

    • Remove all files except .env and public/media

    • Copy the new files from the downloaded package into your server

  5. Update your database schema from your Castopod Admin > About page or by running:

    Terminal window
    php spark castopod:database-update
  6. Clear your cache from your Castopod Admin > Settings > general > Housekeeping

  7. ✨ Enjoy your fresh instance, you’re all done!

Fully Automated updates

Coming soon… 👀

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I find my Castopod version?

Go to your Castopod admin panel, the version is displayed on the bottom left corner.

Alternatively, you can find the version in the app > Config > Constants.php file.

I haven’t updated my instance in a long time… What should I do?

No problem! Just get the latest release as described above. Only, when going through the release instructions (4), perform them sequentially, from the oldest to the newest.

You may want to backup your instance depending on how long you haven’t updated Castopod.

For example, if you’re on v1.0.0-alpha.42 and would like to upgrade to v1.0.0-beta.1:

  1. (highly recommended) Make a backup of your files and database.

  2. Download the latest release, overwrite your files whilst keeping .env and public/media.

  3. Go through each release update instructions sequentially (from oldest to newest) starting with v1.0.0-alpha.43, v1.0.0-alpha.44, v1.0.0-alpha.45, …, v1.0.0-beta.1.

  4. ✨ Enjoy your fresh instance, you’re all done!

Should I make a backup before updating?

We advise you do, so you don’t lose everything if anything goes wrong!

More generally, we advise you make regular backups of your Castopod files and database to prevent you from losing it all…