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Castopod Plugins

Plugins are ways to extend Castopod’s core features.

Plugin folder structure

  • Directoryhello-world
    • Directoryi18n
      • en.json
      • fr.json
    • icon.svg
    • manifest.json // required
    • Plugin.php // required

Plugins reside in the plugins/ directory under a vendor/ folder, ie. the organisation or person who authored the plugin.

  • Directoryplugins
    • Directoryacme
      • Directoryhello-world/
    • Directoryatlantis/

Plugin manifest (required)

The plugin manifest is a JSON file containing the plugin’s metadata and declarations.

This file will determine whether a plugin is valid or not. The minimal required data being:

"name": "acme/hello-world",
"version": "1.0.0"

Checkout the manifest.json reference.

Plugin class (required)

This is where the plugin’s logic lives.

The Plugin class extends Castopod’s BasePlugin class and implements one or more Hooks (methods) intended to be run throughout Castopod’s codebase.

use Modules\Plugins\Core\BasePlugin;
class AcmeHelloWorldPlugin extends BasePlugin
// this rssBeforeChannel method is a Hook
public function rssBeforeChannel(Podcast $podcast): void
// …


The file is loaded into the plugin’s view page for the user to read through.
It should be used for any additional information to help guide the user in using the plugin.


In addition to specifying the license in the manifest, you may add a file. Just as the file, its contents will be loaded into the plugin’s view page for the user to read.

Plugin icon

The plugin icon is displayed next to its title, it is an SVG file intended to give a graphical representation of the plugin.

The icon should be squared, and be legible in a 64px by 64px circle.

Internationalization (i18n)

Plugins can be translated. Translation strings live inside the i18n folder. Translation files are JSON files named as locale keys:

  • Directoryi18n
    • en.json // default locale
    • fr.json
    • de.json

Supported locales are: br,ca,de,en,es,fr,nn-no,pl,pt-br,sr-latn,zh-hans.

The translation strings allow you to translate the title, description and settings keys (ie. labels, hints, helpers, etc.).

"title": "Hello, World!",
"description": "A Castopod plugin to greet the world!",
"settings": {
"general": {
"field-key": {
"label": "Enter a text",
"hint": "You can enter any type of character."
"podcast": {},
"episode": {}